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Referral Program 

Make Money By Referring Our Photo Booths!

Do you want to earn some extra cash by simply referring our amazing photo booths? It's as easy as it sounds! For every successful referral, we will pay you a generous $50!

Event planners with a verified business will earn 10% of the total booking. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Refer a friend, business, or even a stranger to our photo booths.

  2.  Fill out the form below immediately after making the referral. Don't delay, as someone else might beat you to it!

  3.  Make sure to provide the correct and accurate information about the person you referred. Additionally, inform them that they need to mention your name correctly when making their booking.

  4. Once your referral completes the booking process and pays the deposit, we will get in touch with you.

  5. You will receive your well-deserved referral reward promptly!

  6. Please note the following details:

Referrals will only be valid for one month from the date you submit the form.

The person/business you refer MUST mention your full name on their booking form for the referral program to be complete. 

Start earning money today by spreading the word about our incredible photo booths!


Thank you for being a valued member of our referral program.

Referral Form

Thank you for your referral!

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